Two Vapostori Bakers Inn Workers To Lose Jobs After Rejecting Covid-19 Tests

20 May 2020 01 Comment 584 hits

TWO Bakers Inn employees in Harare who are members of the Johanne Marange apostolic sect risk losing their jobs after they declined to be tested for Covid-19 at work citing their religious beliefs.

Bakers Inn recently tested all its employees for the novel pandemic but the two workers rejected to undergo the mandatory tests. 

This follows a recent government directive ordering companies to conduct rapid tests on their employees.

Federation of Food and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (FFAWUZ) secretary general Runesu Dzimiri told that although the affected workers were still reporting for duty, their fate remained unknown.

“At Bakers Inn, Shepperton, Graniteside, Harare, we noted that there are two workers who refused to obey lawful instructions,” Dzimiri said.

“This comes out when the employer was carrying out the rapid tests on all employees and these two employees indicated that they have religious beliefs since they fall under Joanne Marange church.

“I advised them that they might lose their jobs legally if they do not follow the recommended preventive measures against Covid-19.

“However, the two are still at work and using hand sanitisers and wearing face masks. But the employer is preparing to take legal action against them after they declined to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

“It is critical to note that FFAWUZ is in support of these periodic inspections which are expected to be conducted across all regions in the country targeting our sector in the food industry.”

The mandatory rapid tests come after the government extended the national lockdown indefinitely and advised all businesses seeking to reopen, to follow laid down measures including sanitisation, social distancing and temperature checks.

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