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Kindly be advised that a routine joint inspection by the Ministry of Labour,NSSA and FFAWUZ officials was carried out at Bakers Inn Harare plant today the 15th of May 2020.

Furthermore,take notice that the inspection's main objective was to monitor compliance to stipulated Covid 19 guidelines and preventative measures as pronounced by World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

The inspections will be targeting companies in the food processing and allied industries seeking to figure preparedness and compliance in response to the outbreak of the novel virus at work places.


The following officials attended and participated in the inspection process:

1. Mr Munorweyi. Principal Labour officer

2. Mr Tanyanyiwa -NSSA INSPECTOR

3.Mr Zhakata -Labour officer

4. Mr Madziya -Labour officer

5. Mr Mupangani -Labour officer

6. Mr Mukuni -HR Manager Bakers inn

7. Mr Dzimiri-FFAWUZ General Secretary.

8. Mr Mushaya -SHE Officer.

9. Mr Mutambisi -Shopsteward Bakers inn.

10. Mr Mapfukireyi-Shopsteward Bakers inn.


Kindly be advised that the inspection panel held two separate meetings in order to gather information from employees and employer's pespective regarding covid 19 compliance and preparedness at the Bakers Inn workplace.

The following work place organs were engaged:

1.Management being led by the SHE Officer.

2.Employees being represented by Workers Committee members.


The inspection panel observed the following:

  1. The employer provided re-usable/washable face masks by two per each employee and also disposable masks.
  2. Regular fumigation is done.
  3. Social/whatsapp plaform was created and it is functional in order to facilitate communication between bakers inn employees and management regarding Covid 19 related issues
  4. Regular Sanitanization of door handles and and other hot spots frequented by employees.
  5. Employees are provided with transport to and from work wherein mandatory safe distance is maintained on seating arrangement.
  6. The staff bus is disinfected twice per week and employees are sanitazed on boarding the coach.
  7. Recommended preventive measures and guidelines against Covid 19 are being followed.
  8. All Employees tested through rapid testing process and all were negative. These tests were carried out on the 4th,5th and 6th of May 2020 respectively.
  9. Providence Health Care conducted the tests in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Child Care.
  10. About 22 cases suspected Covid 19 were observed and later retested through PCR testing and all were negative and are reporting for duty.
  11. Frequent briefings on Covid 19 are being carried out to each and every shift on handover takeover.
  12. Workers under labour broking/subcontractor are all being provided PPE.
  13. No trainings conducted on Covid 19
  14. Employees are getting gazzetted NEC minimum wages,overtime and other statutory payments.
  15. Employees are working 12 hours per day × 3days and 3 days off days per week.


To that end take notice that the inspection panel toured,visted and inspected all the departments at Bakers Inn in order to ascertain compliance in response to the novel coronavirus at work places

It is critical to note that FFAWUZ is in support of these periodic inspections which are expected to be conducted across all regions targeting companies in the food processing and allied industries.



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