Women in trade unions demand inclusion

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gender initiatives, policies and women empowerment programmes.

Commemorations were held under the theme “Building Women’s Power: A Commitment To Gender Parity” as women in the trade union launched a campaign dubbed “Count Us In Campaign”.

 The campaign seeks to promote the participation and inclusion of women in trade union activities.

In a message read on his behalf, ZCTU President George Nkiwane said, for a long time, women in Zimbabwe have suffered from harsh economic environment that has prevailed since 1990 resulting in more than 80 percent of women flock to the informal sector where police harassment and torture is rampant in their line of work.

He also emphasised that, the girl child has suffered culturally, socially and economically through bad cultural practices, abuse, torture and neglect. Similarly women have been exposed to discrimination and sexual harassment at the working place including the community, hence they have remained disadvantaged.

The ZCTU Women Advisory Council (WAC) also made demands that could alleviate the status of women at the workplace and in society. The demands include  provision of the promised two million jobs, respect for women rights, no to prepaid water meters, zero tolerance to domestic violence, unconditional maternity benefits, a stop to sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace.

President Nkiwane called for support  to women in the trade union as they have an uphill task before they can achieve these demands.

It is said by famous speakers, “if you educate a women, you have educated a nation” This goes the same for us as we implement programmes to empower women, involving them in decision making and build our nation together.

 Unions and other civic orgnisations which joined the ZCTU  for the commemorations also weighed in with solidarity messages calling for respect for women’s rights.

 ZIBAWU President Farai Katsande said, even a country is recognised as SHE to recognise the importance of female characteristics adding that all wars and struggles are sustained by women.

He said unions have a duty to uplift women to decision making positions.

 On the same occasion, Regional Women Advisory Council (ReWAC) chairperson, Enipa Ngirazi, appreciated women in the workplace, at home as all humankind comes from a woman.

 Mrs Enipa Ngirazi encouraged women to participate in all circles of life politics, industry, business, encourage themselves to take charge as women in position of leadership.

 “This is our day to develop as women all over the world”, added Ngirazi.

 Entertainment was provided by the ZCTU choir which displayed prowess and expertise in the artistic composition of songs to articulate various issues affecting women in society such  as an end to women to women discrimination and desire development and growth.

 The day was iced with a raffle draw and the lucky winner was the GAPWUZ acting General secretary Austin Muswere who walked  away with a branded ZCTU wall clock.




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