Dzimiri appointed FFAWUZ General Secretary

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Dzimiri who had been in an acting capacity from March 2015 following the departure of John Peter Gwatiringa was confirmed in terms of the union’s constitution. The constitution provides that the national executive appoints the general secretary but the appointment is subject to approval by the federation’s central executive committee.

As the congress ended the federation’s president elect Pilate Mushanyuki called the house to order to discuss the appointment and the newly elected national executive proceeded into a meeting where the committee agreed to appoint Dzimiri as the substantive administrator.

The decision of the national executive was then debated in the central executive committee and it sailed through with insignificant resistance.

“We decided to settle the matter of the appointment of the general secretary at the congress because that was the opportunity that we got to meet as both committees. If we had delayed the process it was going to cost us because we would be forced to fork out resources for the two committees to meet. It is my belief that both committees were satisfied with the work that he did in his acting capacity hence the confirmation. I trust that he will continue to be dedicated and work tirelessly for the federation as before,” he said.

Commenting on his appointment Dzimiri said it was a responsibility bestowed on him by the federation and more work lies ahead.

 “This appointment is from God, it was the will of the almighty that I take up the responsibility for the federation’s membership.  I will work to the best of my ability to further the interests of workers in the food sector. We have huge tasks ahead but I am happy that the congress has come up with a team that it believes can drive the union forward. Our secretariat is good and I trust that it will work as a team to achieve our goals in the next five years and beyond,” he said.

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