FFAWUZ rolls out district council elections

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 The elections were held on the 19th of March 2016, at the FFAWUZ head office and a council was set up.  Collet Chiwawa from Meat-Fish was elected chairperson  winning by 17 votes out of 40 casted ballots; other contenders were Evaristo Mungate (13) and Patrick Mutondo (10).

The secretary’s post was clinched by Patrick Mutondo from Soft drinks who got 14 votes out of 40, others vying for the post were Patrick Nzaraimhandu (12), Sherpard Chinoda (9) and Moshed Makonya (5).

 Eight committee members were also elected and they are Susan Mutsagada, Tinei Muskwe, Moshet Makonya, Eunice Mukwambo, Lemington Gwatidzo, Albert Murindagomo, Promise Simon and Sherpard Chinoda.

The elections were held in terms of the FFAWUZ constitution, clauses 15 and 26 for district councils and elections rules respectively. The district councils are a constitutional union structure but had never been put in place and members were complaining about the lack of seriousness of previous FFAWUZ executives which were reluctant to follow constitutional provisions.

 In his congratulatory message to the elected, General secretary Runesu Dzimiri assured them that the secretariat would assist them to execute their mandate by all means.


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